Enova Team

Enova understands the importance of overall employee satisfaction and believes that challenged and well-trained employees contribute to a positive working environment in which they can achieve their goals.

At Enova, we strongly believe that our employees are our most valuable assets. Our business employs more than 2,500 people. They come from all walks of life and from countries across the globe. Today, we are proud to have over 40 nationalities working in the company across 7 countries.
We are also committed to providing opportunities to all irrespective of gender.
Human Resources is central to this focus on people and our HR is the company’s center of excellence in this regard. All employees are continually encouraged to strive to reach a higher level and promotion occurs from within where possible.
Enova's training policy is designed to:

  • Ensure that appropriate training and development opportunities are available to enable employees to achieve and maintain a satisfying and competent level of performance work.
  • Ensure those employees with appropriate training, qualifications and experience are available for present and anticipated future business needs.
  • Prepare and encourage employees to develop their careers with the Company in accordance with their ambitions, potential and business opportunities.

Over 3,000 employees across 7 countries

Diverse team with more than 40 nationalities

2.87 days of training per employee per year