Veolia Planet: Enova's Smart Glasses - Acuity 2.0

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Airports, hospitals, amusement parks, shopping malls… All of these sectors can offer very specialized equipment behind the scenes. To make sure that the customer experience is not impacted, operations behind the scene must be smooth. To limit downtime caused by maintenance to a minimum, Veolia’s subsidiary Enova relies more and more on Smart Glasses for remote expert support in the maintenance field.

These smart glasses are embedded with a camera and audio online streaming so that a remote expert can see in real-time on their computer screen, what the technician sees on site. Equipped with these high-performance connected glasses, technicians are guided vocally and with visual clues by experts from all over the world. The seasoned experts can quickly identify the malfunction to be repaired or the faulty material to be replaced as if they were present on site.

With our smart glasses solution, we are harnessing new opportunities offered by augmented reality. And for our staff, following instructions from a remote expert can quickly become a highly effective learning tool. Studies have shown the educational benefits of augmented reality and we are delighted to be seeing the first results already.
Rachid Hamida
Technology & Performance Director, Enova

This key innovation has proven its effectiveness at coordinating the teams at two complex amenities in the Middle East region: Ski Dubai, which has been managed by Enova since it opened in 2005, and the more recent Ski Egypt, which opened in 2017. Thanks to Smart Glasses, experts from the Ski Dubai Enova team can share their experience and assist the Egyptian team, ensuring the maintenance of highly specialized equipment while avoiding delays due to plane trips. Smart Glasses also contribute to an increasingly safe working environment for staff: mid-intervention, the expert can remind the technician to change the protective equipment, due to newly arisen risks during the maintenance procedure.  

In addition to better quality of service and considerable transport savings, these connected glasses deliver immediate added value for the group’s clients: the possibility of observing the progress of the operations carried out on their site “live,” and reducing equipment downtime due to optimized maintenance.