City Center Doha

The challenge

Opened on 15th April 2001, Doha City Center is considered the largest mall in Qatar with over 300,000 m2 total built up area and 120,000 m2 leasable area, it entails a wide variety of famous international, regional, and local retail brands and services spread across five floors.

As it has witnessed consistent footfall growth and impressive demand from retailers, it is absolutely crucial for the mall management that security and comfort are guaranteed at all times. The shopping mall is independent from any district cooling and therefore relies on its chilled water plant for the production of thermal energy necessary to maintain the required thermal comfort conditions. The chilled water plant accounts for circa 50% of the mall electricity consumption.

Enova’s solution

Building Energy Efficiency Services (BEES Performance)

Enova has been supporting the Mall since late 2013 as the service provider for Facilities & Energy Management operations.

Enova assumes the responsibility for the O&M of all HVAC equipment, including the chilled water plant, cooling infrastructure, mechanical equipment, along with electrical systems and water distribution. We manage specialized subcontractors delivering services such as Fire Alarm Systems, Vertical Transportation, Automated Doors, BMS, CCTV.

Since 2015, a new Performance Management System has been implemented, relying on the handheld devices used by the supervisors and technicians, increasing reactivity and performance. Enova also identified 16 energy conservation measures, which could enable a 19% reduction in the Mall’s yearly utility bill.


The benefits

The continuous support brought by Enova to Doha City Center has always guaranteed seamless operations into the commercial activity of the mall.

With the new performance management system, Doha City Center’s management has full visibility on the performance of the teams and on the achievement of agreed service levels, as measured by a list of KPIs applied both to Enova and our subcontractors.


Next steps

Through a walk through energy audit, Enova has recently identified the most efficient and cost effective Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) to set against a baseline on which energy savings will be measured.


The next steps include:

  • The implementation of ECMs for lighting, HVAC and water
  • The connection to Enova’s Energy Saving Center


The combination of our Facilities & Energy Management capabilities would translate as follows in Doha City Center’s activities:

  • Improved profitability
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Reduced risk profile
  • Greater sustainability of services & assets
  • Enhanced “green” image


The mall will then benefit from being positioned as a leader in delivering low carbon footprint infrastructures but also communicate on financial, environmental and social KPIs.

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