Pullman Deira Creek Hotel

The challenge

The Pullman hotel hosts a large number of people and becomes more complex as it offers a large range of services. The hotel required the expertise of both Facilities and Energy Management professionals to optimize operation and control energy consumption levels.
Those in charge of managing the building are faced with rising energy prices and increasing environmental regulations. They also have to ensure that buildings are in keeping with the environmental commitments made by the owner and expected by building users.

Enova’s solution

Building Energy Efficiency Services (BEES Performance)

Enova carried out operational and energy audits and then drew up and implemented an improvement plan. This included factors such as work on buildings, retrofitting, upgrades for energy facilities, monitoring tools and systems to provide guaranteed energy savings and raise awareness of efficient management benefits.
Enova technicians regulate, run and maintain the facilities to attain optimal performance. They are backed by the expertise of energy specialists, channeled through the Energy Saving Center.


The benefits

  • Building attractiveness
  • Significant energy savings
  • Increased asset value


Comfortable conditions allow visitors and staff to be at ease as well as delivering a more positive overall experience.
An effective Energy and Facilities Management plan allows the hotel to deliver the right environment while at the same time managing costs and meeting environmental targets. Working with Building Energy Efficiency Services specialists such as Enova can help to deliver the best possible environment, mitigate the risks involved, avoid unexpected costs and fund more extensive projects.
The Pullman Hotel does not only benefit from being positioned as a leader in delivering low carbon footprint infrastructures but can also communicate on financial, environmental and social KPIs placing them in line with the UAE’s Energy Efficiency Strategy.

And that changed our lives in the sense that we control, live, the consumption of energy in the hotel and obviously benefit from some very serious energy savings.
Laurent Chaudet
General Manager, Pullman DCC
Enova Case Study - Pullman DCC (968.06 KB)


electricity savings per year

Streamlined Operations


water savings per year