Hubgrade: Smart Monitoring Center

Enova launched its Energy Saving Center in 2014 and we have since collected a significant amount of data, allowing us to identify and implement energy conservation measures that are tightly monitored and reported upon.
To push this approach even further, it was then transformed into Hubgrade, a smart monitoring platform collecting, analyzing, and reporting on all resources usage data: energy consumption, water consumption, waste production.

This hypervision platform allows us to:
  • Monitor, analyze and control energy, water and waste flows in real-time to boost performance
  • Achieve and guarantee savings and extra-revenue for clients over the long term
  • Give full transparent and user-friendly results  
Using a sophisticated data analysis system, Hubgrade can accurately monitor and analyze the resource usage of multi-functional, large-scale buildings, allowing our headquarter-based Energy Analysts to personalize this analysis against industry’s best practices and international protocols. Hubgrade provides a clear and transparent overview of a site’s actual consumption and more importantly, identifies areas of optimization and maintenance to then be carried out by our onsite or mobile teams; indeed the system can be integrated to the Customer Service Center and to the Asset Management System.

See how our colleagues in Spain and China use Hubgrade:  
Enova’s Awareness Live takes the reporting one step further. Energy and water consumption as well as waste production data can be presented to end-users such as hotel guests in a user-friendly way, allowing them to become active in the pursuit of sustainable resource use.

We believe this reinforces the message and creates a visible commitment to all users and visitors. It is an effective manner of catching visitors' attention and making them curious. This interest can lead them to get involved in the process of reaching ambitious environmental targets and reduce operational costs whilst increasing facilities asset value; all of which in an enjoyable way.

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