CSR Commitment

The Dubai Chamber CSR Label helps companies define and improve their CSR strategy, policy and management practices. Enova received the award for the first time in 2013 and has succeeded in renewing it on a yearly basis ever since.

At Enova, we believe that the scarcity of natural resources must be transformed from a constraint to an opportunity. Our vision is to lead this transformation, being the reference in building sustainability services. Therefore, our CSR Strategy has been designed to support this goal, acting as a tool to monitor and track our initiatives as we implement practices and solutions that benefit both our internal and external stakeholders. 


Enova’s CSR performance reflects this approach to continuous improvement across four pillars:


The conservation of resources is a crucial point for Enova – it is part of our ethos. By offering solutions to our customers that reduce their emissions, we are providing them with a sustainable model that is better for the environment and their business. Enova takes this mission to heart by ensuring that sustainable practices are implemented not just for our customers, but are also intrinsic in our own operational and corporate teams.

At Enova, diversity and equal opportunities are valued. We are committed to attracting, recruiting and retaining top diverse talent both locally and from across the globe. We strive to achieve this goal by supporting our employees with learning and development opportunities, helping them reach their potential and maximize their contribution to the company’s performance. 

Enova values the communities we operate in and aims at supporting the growth of the region. We foster relationships with local and regional organizations related to environmental stewardship and the development of mutually beneficial goals and strategies that enhance the community as a whole.

Enova holds a high standard of conduct within the marketplace, governed by strict policies and procedures in place to ensure the company upholds positive environmental and social outcomes; specifically through interactions with customers and suppliers. As part of Enova’s HSEEQ system, we have introduced procurement processes that ensure that all suppliers we work with are qualified and respectful of the standards of the law and regulations, including health, safety & environmental practices.