Smart Waste

 Waste Management in the Middle East


Our four-step approach

  • Introduces weighing and traceability of producers
  • Encourages sorting and recycling, and generates savings from the recovery of usable materials
  • Actively prepare our clients for upcoming changes in regulations


Digitalizing the process: Eswap (Enova Smart Waste App) & Waste Dashboard

With Enova Smart Waste App (Eswap), Enova optimizes the recycling rate of waste produced by a facility. Eswap allows to check, track and manage waste sorting and recycling in a quick and efficient way to improve the environmental footprint of our clients’ facilities and their overall waste management performance.

On this smart app, the user can capture information on both sides of the waste management process: IN (quantity received from tenants) & OUT (quantity sent for recycling). The information captured via barcode scanning or manual entry is then displayed in an easy-to-read dashboard.