Challenges facing services organizations, such as providing attractiveness to end users, visibility on costs to managers, asset value increase to owners and compliance with regulation and standards, are significant and can have a serious impact on overall performance, if not managed correctly.


End users and guests : Optimum comfort warranty
A key to a successful business is understanding how to provide reliable and quality services. Enova’s services delivery helps customers manage cutting operation and maintenance cost through better planning and scheduling of works. We support all clients in focusing on core business, boosting end users’ experience and strengthening end users’ loyalty.


Asset managers: Reduce cost and increase visibility
Energy and facilities management account for almost 80% of the total operational costs faced by services organizations. Careful management of these costs is essential and requires specialist expertise. Enova’s solutions enables precise management of costs and improved operations efficiency providing customers with financial visibility.


Increasing regulation and stricter environmental standards
For every type of organization there are ever increasing regulation and standards to be complied with. These may come at national level, at international level or at corporate level. Everyday Enova experts help customers to improve their environmental performance and meet or exceed all relevant standards.


Investor & Owner: Valorization & durability of assets
Enova’s Performance Management for the three aforementioned challenges enables investors and owners to develop a sustainable model through which a high level brand image can be promoted and the highest asset life expectancy can be achieved.
Across multiple sectors, Enova provides facilities and energy management solution to ensure attractiveness, financial visibility, environmental compliance and asset value increase.

Commercial buildings now require the expertise of both facilities and energy management professionals to optimize operation and control energy consumption.
Operations, maintenance and energy efficiency are central to the transition to a resource efficient economy
Balancing today's needs for providing the best possible healthcare and maintaining the complex infrastructures needed to achieve the best patient outcomes