Commercial Buildings

Energy and operations efficiency is a key concern for managers of commercial buildings. Commercial buildings are major consumers of energy in the form of heating, cooling, lighting and hot water. Enova considers that BEES is the future of Facilities Management and develops energy and operational services that enable building owners to deliver a high level of occupant comfort and therefore increase the asset value

A comfortable environment

Comfortable conditions allow visitors and staff to be at ease as well as to deliver a more positive overall experience. An effective energy and operational management plan allows commercial buildings to deliver the right environment while at the same time managing costs and meeting environmental targets. Working with Building Energy Efficiency Services specialists such as Enova can help deliver the best possible environment, mitigate the risks involved, avoid unexpected costs and fund more extensive projects.

Managing buildings for optimal performance

Office buildings, hotels, data centers, shopping centers, leisure centers, airports and other buildings which have large numbers of people are all becoming more complex and now require the expertise of both facilities and energy management professionals to optimize operation and control energy consumption levels. Enova delivers facilities and energy performance services to achieve guaranteed results

Methodology, technical excellence and innovation

Enova carries out operational and energy audits and then draws up and implements an improvement plan. This includes factors such as work on buildings, upgrades for energy facilities, monitoring tools and systems to provide guaranteed energy savings and raise awareness of efficient management benefits.
Enova technicians regulate, run and maintain the facilities to attain optimal performance. They are backed by the expertise of energy specialists, channeled through the Energy Saving Center.

Enova’s solutions are organized in three offers, each delivering a specific guarantee and relevant services.
Operations, maintenance and energy efficiency are central to the transition to a resource efficient economy
Balancing today's needs for providing the best possible healthcare and maintaining the complex infrastructures needed to achieve the best patient outcomes