Educational Buildings

Universities, Colleges, and Schools need to provide the best educational and development environment and focus their budgets on the primary role of education, Enova enables customers to focus on their core business

A comfortable learning environment

Comfortable conditions for learning allow students and staff to be more productive as well as delivering a more positive overall experience.
Enova’s energy and operational management plans allows to deliver the right environment while at the same time managing costs, helping schools, colleges and universities to deliver the best possible learning environment.

An improved energy and operational performance

Through the provision of specialized Facilities and Energy Management services for laboratories, research centers, clean rooms and other specific assets, Enova can significantly reduce the energy and operational bill without compromising performance and comfort of educational buildings and its people.

An optimized energy consumption

Effective management of power supply, cooling and lighting costs, which are the biggest energy costs on campuses, can quickly reduce energy consumption leading to savings that can be used to fund more expensive projects. Through a complete review of existing energy infrastructure Enova can put in place a specific plan to manage, maintain and upgrade energy systems. Combined with constant monitoring either on-site or through our Energy Saving Center we keep energy equipment operating at peak efficiency, deliver the secure energy supply required and add the strongest guarantee on energy savings

Energy Efficiency awareness

Enova’s can relay the data generated from the system to screens strategically placed in the public space or reception area.
We believe this re-enforces the message and creates a visible commitment to all students. It is an effective manner of arising curiousness which can lead pupils to get involved in the process of reaching ambitious environmental targets; reducing energy and operational bills in an enjoyable way.


Enova’s solutions are organized in three offers, each delivering a specific guarantee and relevant services.
Commercial buildings now require the expertise of both facilities and energy management professionals to optimize operation and control energy consumption.
Balancing today's needs for providing the best possible healthcare and maintaining the complex infrastructures needed to achieve the best patient outcomes