Healthcare Buildings

Enova improves patient experience by providing stress free environment. Balancing today's needs for providing the best possible healthcare and maintaining the infrastructures needed to achieve the best patient outcomes is a challenge faced by every healthcare institutions.

A stress free environment and improved operational performance

Enova supports hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics to respond to the demand of aging population who want cutting-edge care delivered in a comfortable environment. Actually, the physical environment of hospitals is directly linked to health outcomes and by delivering performance management of facilities and energy, we contribute to the establishment of the best healing environment for our customers and their patients.

A secure energy supply

The medical professionals in hospitals, clinics, retirement homes and other healthcare facilities need a guaranteed energy supply and efficient operational management in order to deliver high quality patient care. Enova provides a secure, guaranteed supply of energy to meet the many and varied demands of a healthcare facility

An optimized energy consumption

Through a complete review of existing energy infrastructure Enova can put in place a specific plan to manage, maintain and upgrade energy systems. Combined with constant monitoring either on-site or through our Energy Saving Center we keep energy equipment operating at peak efficiency, deliver the secure energy supply required and add the strongest guarantee on energy savings.

Compliance with the highest standards

With 70 years’ experience in working with the healthcare sector, Enova’s services delivery enables customers to meet the highest possible standards. We train all our teams to help prevent health risks, such as hospital-acquired infections, and to treat safety as our number one priority.
In addition, our commitment to standards such as ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 and 50001 makes our customers compliance with regulations significantly easier.


Enova’s solutions are organized in three offers, each delivering a specific guarantee and relevant services.
Universities, Colleges, and Schools need to provide the best educational and development environment and focus their budgets on the primary role of education
Operations, maintenance and energy efficiency are central to the transition to a resource efficient economy