BEES Focus

Full Energy Management Services: guaranteed energy savings

BEES Focus is a performance based offer through which Enova commits on quick wins energy savings, covering all energy streams within the building.

In order to achieve such a guarantee, we fully audit the facilities, implement energy conservation measures, educate end-users, monitor the energy real time through connection to our Hubgrade, and possibly assume responsibility for the procurement of primary energy. As we are not responsible for the operations and maintenance of the building, the savings will not be as high as with a BEES Performance offer, but they are a first step towards optimizing the building’s environmental footprint. And if these first savings are not achieved, Enova will pay for the difference.

The tailor made reporting that we provide in this offer includes hard copies, soft copies, and an interactive website, so that you can not only have a live view on the savings achieved, but also directly integrate our indicators in your own reporting.

Strongest guarantee on energy savings, comfort and asset value
Guaranteed level of comfort and cost of operations & maintenance
Enova’s Hubgrade, our tool to collect, analyze, and reporting on resources usage data