Ensuring reliable and efficient support services to allow healthcare specialists to focus on their core business, providing care to patients

Enova leverages Veolia’s long-term experience in hospitals all around the world. Globally, Veolia manages facilities at more than 3,700 healthcare institutions. Through the provided services Enova is helping the clients to mitigate their risks, control their costs, and extend the lifecycle of their assets while reducing their carbon footprints through continual management of operations & maintenance, and assets.

We recognize many of the unique challenges and risks that healthcare institutions must manage are related to resource efficiency over the long term. In line with this model, we guarantee:

  • Quality:
    Total reliability, comfort and safety (availability of equipment, indoor air quality, water quality, energy quality)
  • Value:
    Improving transparency in managing the budget, improving the lifecycle of assets, and reducing energy bills
  • Expertise:
    Ensuring technical expertise and regulatory compliance support
  • Visibility:
    Enhancing hospital rankings and community visibility 

Your Partner for Healthcare Public Private Partnerships

Enova’s services come with a strong commitment on reliability and cost, based on our experience and specific procedures within the PPP model. The Public Private Partnership (PPP) scheme is based on the idea of using resources belonging to the private sector to erect and operate buildings for use by public bodies. This is effective and cost-efficient as it takes into account the cost of the entire life cycle of a construction project, from the actual building through to operating and maintenance costs. The expertise of privately owned companies is used to optimize the work of the public authorities, thus ensuring that the later can focus fully on their core competencies.