Bringing efficient solutions to reduce the energy consumption of facilities and processes thanks to the use of big data


Constant monitoring and detailed analysis of energy data are key success factors for energy efficiency contracts. However, huge amounts of energy data are currently left untapped. To bridge this gap with an innovative approach, Enova partnered with the French start-up METRON, an expert in big data science. Together, we tackle the challenges in the energy efficiency market in the Middle East and help industrial customers use smart energy management solutions to reduce their utilities costs.


This partnership will revolutionize the way big data from industrial sites is leveraged to maximize the value of energy resources. The joint offer combines Enova’s local and regional experience and on-site teams with METRON’s specialized technologies and expertise in the industrial sector, in particular in chemicals, plastics, automotive, food, paper and glass industries. By reducing one of the largest expenses faced by the industry, Enova excel in sustaining its clients’ growth.


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