Guaranteeing a safe and smooth travel experience while reducing energy consumption


Customer experience is at the heart of airport operations. At each step of their journey, passengers expect nothing less than the highest standards of comfort, efficiency, safety and increasingly, sustainability. Airports that benefit from high-end Facilities and Energy Management services are able to meet these specific needs and positively impact passenger experience. Whether they are departing, arriving, or on a stopover, ensuring the satisfaction of each and every passenger boosts the overall attractiveness of airports, the sales of retail shops and restaurants on site, and fosters preference for airlines based at the airport. Ultimately, it also supports local authorities in developing tourism, by attracting new travelers.


MOOVE: our range of offers for the transportation industry

Since not all airports have the same needs, we have developed MOOVE, a range of offers that guarantee strong and immediate results to operators:


Sustaining the growth of MENA's airports 

Our Airports Services brochure gives an overview of our Operation and Maintenance services for technical systems at airports as well as several references:

Airport Services

Airport Services
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An additional reference is the energy audit we conducted for Dubai International Airport, providing the Management team with a detailed report highlighting opportunities for energy savings and an implementation plan illustration how they can be achieved: Case Study - Dubai International Airport


Another key reference in the MENA region is Sharjah International Airport. It is one of the most important airports in the UAE with an annual capacity of up to 11 million passengers. Since 2011, Enova has delivered Operations & Maintenance services for all buildings and infrastructure within the airport boundaries. We reduced the energy and water consumption decreasing the airport’s environmental footprint and also generated financial savings: