Renewable Energy

Tailored solar PV solutions to minimize energy costs



Energy consumption patterns vary from one building to the next, depending on age, location, design and layout. In the Middle East & North Africa, buildings face particularly extreme temperatures, constant exposure to sand and dust, and high levels of solar irradiation all year round.

Within the context of an Energy Performance Contract (EPC), Enova relies on solar photovoltaic plants as an effective solution to complement Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs), thus reducing energy consumption costs and balancing the energy mix. We deliver tailored solar PV solutions that integrate the specific constraints and capabilities of each building and their environment, while strictly complying with local regulations and client requirements.

Our one-stop shop offer covers the whole life cycle of solar PV plants to maximize buildings’ energy efficiency, guarantee significant savings for our clients, and support their sustainability strategy.

Innovative business models


Enova has developed innovative business models to accommodate the different objectives of our clients. In all cases, we provide engineering, procurement, installation, commissioning, operations and maintenance.

Read more about our integrated solutions monitoring performance in real-time, the process behind and our references in our brochure: Harnessing solar energy to power facilities

One of our key references for on-site solar PV plants is the retrofitted rooftop carpark of Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, United Arab Emirates: