Al Ain International Airport

The challenge

With the Abu Dhabi emirate set to welcome increasing numbers of tourists over the coming years, Al Ain International Airport is fast becoming a significant travel hub in the region Efficient usage of existing capacity along with investment in new airport capacity is essential if the facilities are to meet future growth in demand in a sustainable way.  In 2013 Enova was entrusted with the provision of Facilities Management services, allowing Abu Dhabi Airports Company to focus on their core business.

Enova’s solution

Building Energy Efficiency Services (BEES Reliability)

Enovahas been offering Facilities Management services to Al Ain International Airport since 2013 delivering guaranteed performance on all the assets managed, streamlining client processes and reducing client’s operational costs.

The scope of work includes the implementation and update of Standard Operations Procedures, full technical services covering civil, mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems, and specialized airports operation systems.

Enova’s daily intervention is not limited to airside buildings it also encompasses airside activities, including pavement and infrastructure maintenance of critical areas such as the apron, runway and taxiway.


Specialized airports operation systems include:

  • Area, space and infrastructure
  • Check in counters
  • Conveyor belt system by BHS
  • Inline screening x rays system
  • Metal detecting system
  • CCTV Security system
  • Access system
  • SCADA System
  • BMS System
  • Safety Fire Alarm System (SFAS)
  • Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS)
  • Road blocker system
  • Speed Stile System
  • UPS system
  • Barco Video Wall System
  • Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)

The benefits

  • Equipment reliability
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Integrated asset management
  • Maximize in house employees’ potential
  • Focus on core activities
  • Maximized safety and comfort of end users


In 2017, the Al Ain International Airport contract between Abu Dhabi Airports Company and Enova was successfully renewed.

Enova Case Study - Al Ain International Airport (651.94 KB)


KPI Achievement of Service Level Agreement

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Enova staff on site