Children's Cancer Hospital 57357

The challenge

The Children’s Cancer Hospital in Egypt, also known locally as Hospital 57357, is a state-of-the-art pediatric oncology hospital. Established in 2007, this unique healthcare institution relies on the overwhelming generosity of donors to deliver free, comprehensive quality care to children with cancer. The Children’s Cancer Hospital was looking for a partner with a strong technical background to manage its assets and guarantee the best level of comfort to patients and personnel.


The solution

On the first of January 2019, Enova took over the Operation and Maintenance of the hospital’s electrical, HVAC and mechanical systems, after mobilizing 52 members of staff within 45 days.

The initial asset tagging and condition survey began shortly after, paving the way for the implementation of Enova’s CAFM system. Handheld devices were deployed on site from the start, to provide the hospital with accurate asset collection and tagging.

Within a month, all assets were tagged and uploaded in the CAFM system, and all Planned Preventive Maintenance plans activated. Combined, the integration of the CAFM system and handheld devices provides the hospital with an effective Performance Management System (PMS). 

Enova also manages specialized subcontractors delivering services such as the maintenance of chillers, boilers, dry transformers, and UPS. Subcontractors are also subjected to the Performance Management System, to ensure that all parties are measured against the same indicators. 

During the first few months of operations, Enova achieved considerable improvements to the safety and performance of operations on site:

  • Extensive Health & Safety induction of all staff members to ensure the strict respect of rules and regulations at all times
  • Installation of eye washers, safety showers and an automatic chemical dosing system in the chemical dosing areas to improve the safety of technicians
  • Implementation of additional precautions to prevent the risk of legionella
  • Inspection and repair of the solar tank’s fire fighting system
  • Refurbishment of the HVAC network and the ductwork insulation to reduce energy use
  • Upgrade of an electrical substation
  • Installation of LED fold luminaires on the roof of the main building for more efficient lighting 

Enova also lent its full support in the successful renewal of the hospital’s Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation.
Several works are still ongoing, including the renovation of the Reverse Osmosis plant’s electrical panels and the overhaul of two chillers.



Enova ensured a smooth handover at the Children’s Cancer Hospital, guaranteeing seamless operations right from the beginning of the contract. 
With the new Performance Management System, the hospital’s management has full visibility on the performance of Enova’s onsite team and on the achievement of Service Level Agreements. This transparent approach to Facilities Management translates into: 

  • Improved operational performance
  • Increased asset life expectancy and cost effectiveness 
  • Continuous improvement in Health & Safety practices

Both patients and personnel can therefore benefit from optimal comfort conditions at the Children’s Cancer Hospital. 

262 beds

81 daycare chairs

1,400 TR

cooling capacity