RAK Municipality

The challenge

In 2018, the Energy Efficiency and Renewables Office of Ras Al Khaimah Municipality (RAK Municipality) launched the Ras Al Khaimah Energy Efficiency and Renewables Strategy 2040. This long-term strategy for sustainability targets respectively 30% and 20% energy and water savings along with the adoption of renewable energy sources to the extent of 20% of total energy sources by 2040.

The same year, RAK Municipality awarded the first Energy Performance Contract to Enova for the retrofit of four Municipality buildings.

Enova’s solution

In March 2018, Enova carried out a preliminary energy audit of the Municipality’s main headquarters, two Health Department buildings - including a laboratory - and a slaughterhouse, to estimate the potential energy and water savings. Combined, the buildings occupy an area exceeding 10,000 sqm. 

Once shortlisted, a detailed energy audit was conducted to define precisely the Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) to be implemented and confirm the savings potential of the project. The ECMs identified focused on 5 aspects:

  • Reducing the buildings’ cooling load by optimizing the building envelope
  • Improving the efficiency of existing AC equipment or replacing them with more efficient systems
  • Scheduling AC equipment and control the indoor building temperature to guarantee the equipment’s optimal operation 
  • Replacing conventional lighting with LED lights and installing occupancy sensors 
  • Reducing the entire site’s water consumption by optimizing the water fixtures

Enova’s complete turnkey solution includes the supply, implementation, testing and commissioning of the ECMs, the Measurement & Verification process to ensure the guaranteed savings are achieved, and the operation and maintenance of the retrofitted equipment during the guaranteed period. 



The installation, testing and commissioning of the Energy Conservation Measures was successfully completed by March 2019. The Measurement & Verification is currently ongoing and delivered through Hubgrade, Enova’s smart monitoring platform, located at our Head Office in Dubai. 
The project will deliver guaranteed total savings of more than 4 gigawatt-hours of electricity over the contract duration and save more than 8 million imperial gallons of water. 




Enova Case Study - RAK Municipality (1017.28 KB)


Energy Performance Contract in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah


guaranteed energy & water savings

3,309 tons

of CO2 emissions avoided