Ski Dubai

The challenge

Enova demonstrates its expertise within the retail landscape on a daily basis at Mall of the Emirates, a leading luxury shopping destination. The mall’s flagship attraction, Ski Dubai the region’s first indoor ski resort is a unique showcase of highly technical expertise aimed at creating an exceptional leisure experience Guaranteeing business continuity in this environment requires a broad range of technical know how in order to maintain an indoor temperature of 44°C (during snow making process) to 22°C throughout the year, produce 3 tons of fresh snow per day, ensure the smooth operation of the ski and leisure equipment.


Enova’s solution

Building Energy Efficiency Services (BEES - Reliability): Since Ski Dubai’s opening, Enova has assumed responsibility for all technical Facilities Energy Management services It includes lighting and air conditioning in the premises, fabrication of snow, snow grooming, maintenance of all mountain equipment (draglifts, mountain travellators) and the rides, such as the zip line and bumper cars.

Enova also operates and maintains the chiller system, which primarily uses ammonia a natural refrigerant with high energy efficiency and no global warming potential and the insulation panels of the snow environment (the box) Insulation efficiency is regularly measured by a thermal camera.

Recently, Enova optimized the set point of snow guns, bringing it up to -4°C compared to -6°C previously, without altering the snow quality.


The benefits

Enova manages the facilities, directly affecting the business’ bottom line This transfers the risk and exposure for unplanned financial costs and enables Ski Dubai to focus on its core business Enova’s procedures also guarantee to the customer a one stop shop and seamless operations, regardless of whether the services are delivered by Enova or by specialized subcontractors.


Enova’s adoption of an output based contract is a clear reflection of the Company’s continuous improvement culture Ski Dubai’s KPIs are managed through the CAFM system, monitoring each aspect of the service delivery process All calls and work undertaken whether reactive, corrective or PPM are electronically recorded and reported
to measure performance, as well as the equally important performance improvement.


By acting as a true partner, Enova supports Majid Al Futtaim in focusing on its core business, boosting visitor experience and strengthening loyalty. This project has allowed Enova to be recognized as a key player in the region’s promising Indoor Ski development.

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12 %

in energy savings

4.7 million AED saved

Over 100 dedicated employees