Strata Manufacturing PJSC

The challenge

Strata Manufacturing PJSC (Strata) is the only composite aero structures manufacturing facility in the Middle East. Based in the heart of Nibras Al Ain Aerospace, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates, the facility focuses on  build-to-print production of primary and secondary aero structures, using advanced composite materials. The company has partnerships with the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers. Strata was looking for a Facilities Management partner with a strong technical background to manage its assets and oversee the maintenance of specialized systems by subcontractors.

Enova’s solution

On June 1st, 2019, Enova took over the delivery of Production Maintenance Services, Facilities Management Services and Production Support Services on site.

A team of 41 members of staff was mobilized over a one-month period, bringing together experienced in-house resources and expert profiles from overseas to cater to the specific needs of the facilities. The team is headed by our in-house expert, certified for Vibration Analysis (Category II) and Asset Reliability Practitioner (Category I). 

Major maintenance works were carried out during the mobilization phase, on critical systems such as:

  • Chillers and chilled water pump room assets;
  • Autoclave, CNC and the underground exhaust ducts of the Contamination Controlled Area (Clean Room).

Enova also removed any unwanted materials, unused tooling parts and damaged spare parts from the technical rooms to improve access to the equipment.

Facilities Maintenance Services Production Maintenance Services Production Support Service
  • HVAC systems including chillers, FAHU, heat exchangers
  • HV, LV and UPS assets
  • Fire alarm and firefighting systems
  • Special predictive maintenance
  • Energy conservation









  • Autoclave
  • Computer Numerical Control machines
  • Ply cutters
  • Non-Destructive Testing systems
  • Laser projection system
  • Centralized vacuum systems
  • Centralized compressed air
  • Centralized N2 generation system
  • Raw production materials
  • Final assembly equipment
  • Increasing Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)
  • Decreasing Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)
  • Cleaning of production panels and molds
  • Potting for thermal treatment processes
  • Moving parts













Enova operates under stringent technical requirements in the Clean Room, where temperature, relative humidity and dust particle count are constantly controlled and monitored, and in the Paint Shop, where air filters are monitored and replaced regularly to ensure strict compliance with NADCAP standards for air circulation within the shop and compressed air for paint spraying.

The specialized subcontractors for the maintenance services of fire alarm and firefighting systems, Building Management System, septic tanks, grease trap, boom lift and scissor lift are subjected to the same Performance Management System as Enova, to ensure all parties are measured against the same indicators and all services are delivered to the same quality standards. One of the main KPIs for this contract is to ensure a minimum of 98% average availability for Priority 1 equipment. 

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Enova supported with the installation, commissioning and start-up works of a new line of mask production, in coordination with the Original Equipment Manufacturer in China. 


Enova committed to continuous improvement from the outset of the contract and ensured a smooth handover, guaranteeing seamless manufacturing and processes operations throughout. Strata’s management has full visibility on the performance of our onsite team and on the achievement of Service Level Agreements with our Performance Management System. Combined with our expertise, our approach to multi-technical services delivery has yielded:

  • High equipment availability, reliability and performance
  • Low reactive and breakdown maintenance tasks
  • Strict compliance with Planned Preventative Maintenance schedules
  • Qualitative and efficient predictive maintenance programs


Enova Case Study - STRATA (1.15 MB)

31,500 m2

production floor space  

4,000 sqm

Contamination Controlled Area (Clean Room)

Over 99.9 PPM

schedule compliance