24/7 Customer Service Center

Enova provides 24/7/365 support and back up from our office in Dubai.
The Customer Service Center is a key focal point for our customers. Therefore, the way that operators deal with requests and problems is vital.  Their standard of service is tracked continually so as to ensure that the service provided is always friendly whatever the circumstances, prompt, helpful, proactive and responsive.

Sample Performance Indicators are as follows:

  • Time spent to respond to calls
  • % Tasks signed off within a timeframe
  • % Tasks checked back to initiator
  • Number of tasks completed

Linked to the Computer Aided Facilities Management system, Enova edits and produces tailor made reports including all Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators.


Enova’s Hubgrade, our tool to collect, analyze, and reporting on resources usage data
Enova’s Asset Management System, our tool to guarantee maximum lifecycle for assets and full transparency on results
Enova’s Fleet Management, our tool to track mobile teams and dispatch them depending on their location, capabilities and availability at a given time.