CAFM: Asset & Performance Management

Enova’s CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) system provides the link between the administration and operation at the site and complements the work with the following:

  • Barcode and register of all assets
  • Provide a comprehensive planning and scheduling system,
  • Maintain and manage all assets
  • Ensure that Client has real time, online access at all times
  • Develop and maintain all of Client’s asset management functions
  • Provide the Client with lifecycle plans according to their requirements
  • Assess the condition of all assets, then  propose and agree with the Client a suitable prioritization and categorization of the inputted data provide a Helpdesk for all queries, job requests and reporting

A combination of the different elements allows to us to optimize asset usage to guarantee a maximum lifecycle for all assets.

Enova’s Performance Management System measures individual performance of each provider, as well as the collective performance. It categorizes Key Performance Indicators and delivers accurate measurement of results and efficient performance scoring. The system is also equipped with a mobile application providing agility, flexibility and control. All work orders are transferred to the appropriate person with the right level of priority.

The production of relevant accurate and meaningful information on service delivery and performance management is critical to our ability to demonstrate effective performance. The performance reporting is automated through an integrated and documented approach within the CAFM system.

Enova’s Hubgrade, our tool to collect, analyze, and reporting on resources usage data
Enova’s 24/7 Customer Service Center, our tool to provide agility, flexibility and control in customer relationship
Enova’s Fleet Management, our tool to track mobile teams and dispatch them depending on their location, capabilities and availability at a given time.