Hubgrade: Smart Monitoring Center

Hubgrade 4.0, Enova’s smart monitoring and reporting center, has been inaugurated in May 2019. This true state-of-the-art hypervision platform is at the core of Enova’s service excellence guarantee, which is also physically represented with Hubgrade sitting in the center of Enova’s dedicated energy and performance office space in the Dubai headquarter.

What has become a worldwide network of remote hypervision centers under the Veolia Group, once started as Energy Saving Center in Enova’s Dubai head quarter. In 2017, the platform was rebranded to become Hubgrade 2.0, catering for a widened scope of energy, water, waste and other performance data. In 2018, after a seamless integration with Enova’s computer-aided facilities management (CAFM) tool and its newly launched smart waste services, Hubgrade 3.0 was introduced, revolutionizing the way our clients can interact with their assets’ consumption data. Today’s one-stop shop for sustainability monitoring and reporting Hubgrade 4.0 is enhanced with additional functionality in the form of the ‘Super Dashboard’. It combines a series of sub-dashboards in one real-time overview, offering flexibility for filtering and customization according to the viewer’s needs. 

Over the years, the solution has been rolled out to clients across different sectors and countries. While there were only 250 connected data points when it was launched, now more than 26,000 points are monitored and analyzed in real-time.  

Enova’s global hypervision platform Hubgrade 4.0 allows the team of experts to:

  • Collect, monitor, analyze and control energy, water and waste flows in real-time to define areas for optimization and predictive maintenance to boost performance
  • Achieve and guarantee savings and extra-revenue for clients over the long term
  • Give full transparent and user-friendly results  

Using a sophisticated data analysis system, Hubgrade can accurately monitor and analyze the resource usage of any type of property, including mixed-use communities and industrial sites, allowing our headquarter-based Energy Analysts to personalize this analysis against industry’s best practices and international protocols. Hubgrade provides a clear and transparent overview of a site’s actual consumption and more importantly, identifies areas of optimization and maintenance to then be carried out by our onsite or mobile teams; indeed, the system is integrated with the 24/7 Customer Service Center and the Asset Management System.

The platform perfectly integrates with existing on-site data systems and Enova’s suite of digital tools. Through personalized notifications, automated alarms and direct dispatching of tasks to the operations teams, maintenance response and rectification times are significantly reduced and preventive maintenance is enabled. 

Hubgrade also offers full transparency and traceability. The collected real-time data can be represented in customized user-friendly live dashboards, that are accessible from anywhere and at any time. In addition, automatically generated performance reports consider changes in occupancy, weather and other factors and allow to benchmark the performance against other facilities and market standards. It goes without saying that Hubgrade is fully compliant with local regulations and worldwide standards.

Thanks to the constant monitoring and analysis of data, areas of optimization exceeding everyone’s expectations were identified, resulting in quick wins for our clients. To name only a few:

  • Detection of a faulty automated chiller valve leaking water when in off-mode;
  • Optimization of sequencing strategies of chillers, pumps, and cooling towers;
  • Identification of incorrect setpoints 


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