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Case Studies

Al Jomaih and Shell Lubricating Oil Co. LTD.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia




FM and Solar O&M




The challenge

The joint venture between Al Jomaih and Shell Lubricating Oil Company Limited (JOSLOC) was founded in Saudi Arabia with the mission to supply the Saudi market with Shell’s state of the art lubricants. In addition to the innovative energy process and partnership, JOSLOC’s plant has the capability to blend and produce the world- class Shell lubricants. JOSLOC has taken steps toward the energy transition and to function as a more sustainable business, through diversification of their energy mix to include solar. Although oil and gas remain a significant industry globally, they believe in a future with best sustainable business practices.

To ensure efficient facilities and asset management, JOSLOC required strong visibility of preventative operations & maintenance, along with real-time monitoring of asset performance. Enova was appointed as the facilities management provider in 2021, along with our services the contract had a specific ambition to decrease the downtime for the assets, specifically those related to production lines.

Enova's solution

Enova is responsible for operations and maintenance for the plant boilers, water treatment systems, oil transfer pumps, warehouses utilities, emergency power systems operations and maintenance including generators and ATS panels, as well as solar panel maintenance.

In addition, Enova has completed the asset registration and collection for the full factory, all assets have been integrated into Enova’s Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) system.

Enova was able to deliver in-house thermal imaging services for the critical assets and predictive maintenance to forecast possible failures. Using all information, Enova developed a criticality analysis and tailored the maintenance strategy accordingly for each asset.

60,000 SQM





Production Lines and Diesel Fire Boilers

504 kWp Solar PV Plant

generating up to 40% of plant’s electrical consumption.


Currently, JOSLOC has full visibility on the scheduled preventive and corrective tasks for their portfolio of assets. The client is also able to monitor the asset uptime and downtime; as well as the mean-time between failures and mean-time to repair. The CAFM system has enabled the client to take data-driven decisions for their assets upgrades and replacements.

Through Enova’s use of agile and innovative technology the team was able to deliver efficient and real time monitoring of the facilities critical systems, delivering peace of mind and transparency to the client on their assets’ efficiency and performance.

JOSLOC, producing Shell’s premium oil lubricants in Saudi Arabia, relies on quality partners like Enova.

Our ultimate objective is to guarantee plant business continuity and establish sustainable services. This strategic partnership with Enova has empowered our business to attain its goals by minimizing asset downtimes and reducing indirect breakdown costs. In addition, as a part of a global resource management leader, Enova is instrumental in supporting JOSLOC’s sustainability objectives by applying sustainable maintenance and energy performance practices in our plant.
Hesham Al-Tabbaa
Lube Supply Chain General Manager

120 days

Average mean time between failures (MTBF)


Preventative maintenance tasks completed in 2022

Over 300 Assets

Integrated and monitored via CAFM