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Case Studies

Dubai Media Incorporated

United Arab Emirates




Indoor Air Quality




The challenge

People living in the Middle East and North Africa region spend up to 90% of their daily time indoors. Indoor Air Quality is therefore an essential aspect of their daily comfort and health, but also their efficiency at the workplace. The headquarters of Dubai Media Incorporated, the official media organization of the Government of Dubai, are located close to a major traffic junction in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In an attempt to further enhance employees’ work environment and satisfaction, Dubai Media Incorporated decided to evaluate and assess the impact of air quality on these parameters and sought the advice of the region’s leading expert in this field.

Enova's solution

In 2019, Enova carried out an in-depth Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) audit of the building, looking at parameters such as carbon dioxide (CO2), formaldehyde and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Based on the findings, Enova recommended and implemented the below solutions:

  • The installation of a new ventilation system to increase fresh air intake to the building
  • The removal of internal sources of pollution such as air fresheners

A second Indoor Air Quality audit was then performed to confirm the effectiveness of these measures.
Enova also installed 21 sensors to measure the temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide and Volatile Organic Compounds in the office building.
Once connected to Hubgrade, Enova’s smart monitoring platform, Dubai Media Incorporated will be able to monitor, control and display the Indoor Air Quality parameters in real time.


Audited points

Ventilation system



Sensors installed




Indoor Air Quality improved significantly following the implementation of the measures:

  • Average carbon dioxide levels were reduced by 47%
  • Average Volatile Organic Compounds levels were reduced by 50%

All Indoor Air Quality parameters are now compliant with Dubai’s Green Building Regulations and Specifications. Furthermore, Dubai Media Incorporated’s employees have reported a positive change in their working environment and comfort.

100% compliance

with Green Building regulations


VOC levels reduction


average CO2 levels reduction