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Powering Sustainability: Henkel Türkiye's Innovative Solar PV Partnership with Enova

Gebkim & Tuzla, Türkiye




Renewable Energy


Industrial Facilities


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The challenge

Henkel Türkiye, committed to leading the charge towards climate-positive operations by 2030, has strategically decided to implement additional Solar PV plants at two of their key locations, aiming to boost the generation capacity of their existing rooftop installations. This decision aligns with Henkel’s ambitious sustainability objectives, which include achieving climate-positive status across all global sites, sourcing 100% of their electricity from renewable sources, and integrating cutting-edge technologies for fossil-free thermal energy generation.

To bring this vision to life, Henkel Türkiye has partnered with Enova Türkiye for the design, engineering procurement and construction (EnPC) installation, as well as the operations and maintenance (O&M) of this contract. This project is a pivotal step in realizing these goals, reflecting their promise to be the first global adhesives player with climate-positive operations by 2030.

Enova's solution

Enova has provided Henkel with comprehensive and performance-based Solar PV plant Installation and O&M solutions for both rooftop and carport applications. This installation is instrumental in helping Henkel achieve its financial, operational, and environmental targets. The new contract covers the implementation of turnkey solar PV plants with two years of O&M solutions for Henkel's Gebkim and Tuzla factories.

With a total capacity of 405.9 kWp using 738 PV panels, the system generates 452,600 kWh of green electricity per annum.

Notably, the carport solution at the Gebkim factory is a unique installation due to its innovative solution for ground foundations & steel structure, exemplifying a successful solar carport solution in Türkiye. This implementation is supported by two years of operations and management led by Enova under the current contract.



405.9 kWp

Installation Capacity


Solar Modules


The collaboration between Henkel Türkiye and Enova Türkiye on the implementation of Solar PV plants at the Gebkim and Tuzla factories brings significant benefits to both parties. For Henkel, the project advances their ambitious sustainability objectives by providing a reliable source of green electricity, generating 452,600 kWh per annum, and contributing to their goal of sourcing 100% renewable energy by 2030. The installation also supports Henkel’s financial and operational targets by reducing energy costs and enhancing energy efficiency. The unique carport solution at the Gebkim Factory serves as a pioneering example in the Turkish solar market, further solidifying Henkel’s commitment to innovative, sustainable practices. For Enova, this partnership underscores their expertise in delivering comprehensive, performance- based Solar PV solutions, reinforcing their reputation as a leader in renewable energy projects. The successful execution and two-year operations and maintenance contract with Henkel showcases Enova's capability to drive impactful, long-term energy solutions, fostering a model for future collaborations in the region.

452,600 kWh

of Energy Estimated Generated in Year One

199 tons

of CO2 Estimated avoided emissions a year

905 Saving

Equivalent to Trees Saplings grown over 10 years