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Case Studies

Sarten Ambalaj San. Ve Tic. A.Ş

Manisa, Türkiye








The challenge

Sarten, the largest producer of metal packaging in the MENA region, is renowned for its metal production capabilities in the food & beverage, cosmetics, and industrial products sectors. The company also ranks among the top three packaging producers in Europe and the top 10 metal packaging producers globally. Its industrial packaging capabilities for food & beverage and cosmetics position them as one of the leading Turkish exporters, and they are listed among the top 500 largest industrial enterprises in the Turkish market. Sarten operates 16 industrial packaging plants in Türkiye, with three factories in Europe and one in Russia.

With a mission to provide high-quality and environmentally- friendly services, the company has launched a strategy to diversify its energy mix. They have awarded Enova the contract for Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) for Rooftop Solar PV plants as turn-key installations.

Enova's solution

Enova successfully implemented Solar PV installations across five industrial facilities, utilizing a total of 16,987 solar modules. This has brought the energy output capacity to 9,258 kWp and the AC installation power to 7,690 kWe.

In the first year alone, the installation is projected to generate 13.1GWh of energy, which equates to a potential reduction of 4,913 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

The scope of work for this project encompassed construction, project management, and the procurement of all necessary components for the installation. This includes PV modules, inverters, structures, all connectivity and cables, earthing, switch gears, AC combiner boxes, weather stations, SCADA systems, meters, BOS (Balance of System), as well as spare parts.

Enova is dedicated to ensuring the system's overall performance, providing performance ratio guarantees.

Additionally, they will offer operations and maintenance support for a duration of two years following the installation.


Packaging Facilities

9,258 kWp

Installation Capacity

Solar Modules

Solar Modules


Enova's expertise in project management for turn-key energy and solar PV projects provides our clients with a guarantee and peace of mind. They can be assured that the installations they have invested in will yield not only financial returns but also positive environmental outcomes. With a performance guarantee and two years of operations and maintenance support, Enova ensures that the project will continue to deliver strong results in the years ahead.

For Sarten, this commitment to diversifying their energy mix and utilizing renewable energy is something to be proud of. As a leader in the manufacturing sector, this dedication will instill confidence in relying on renewables for heavy production activities. It demonstrates that high-quality and efficient operations can be achieved while simultaneously contributing to CO2 savings for the planet.


of Energy Estimated Generated in Year One

4,913 tonnes

of CO2 Expected avoided emissions in Year One

153,507 Saving

Equivalent to Trees Saplings grown over 10 years