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Saudi Arabia’s TARSHID launched guarantee energy-savings at facilities in the Kingdom through sustainability collaboration with the regional Energy Management Services Company, Enova

  • Collaboration has enabled over 90,000,000 kWh in total energy savings, and 68,000 Metric Tons in CO2 reduction for several critical projects


Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – 22 November 2023: Saudi Arabia’s National Energy Services Company, TARSHID, has launched energy savings guarantee projects across the public sector buildings, as part of a sustainability collaboration with Enova, a regional Company in integrated energy and facilities management services.

TARSHID, the driving force behind this transformative collaboration, has joined hands with Enova to audit and optimize the energy performance across multiple locations, two of which are, Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO), and Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing (MOMRAH) projects.


The primary objective of this dynamic collaboration is to craft a performance-oriented energy and facilities management strategy. This strategy, in turn, empowers TARSHID to deliver substantial energy and cost savings, aligning seamlessly with the Kingdom's ambitious sustainability goals outlined in Saudi Vision 2030 and the Saudi Green Initiative.


Enova has also modernized the chilling systems for 10 buildings under Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO), which has achieved guaranteed energy savings of 43%, including 7,280 Metric Tons of carbon dioxide emissions reduction per year – the equivalent of removing 1,600 gasoline-powered cars driven for one year, and growing over 120,000 trees seedlings over 10 years.


“Our collaboration with private sector is an integral part of TARSHID’s extensive sustainability strategy, which enables us to become one of the Kingdom’s most pro-active energy-saving organizations in the next decade,” said Waled Al-Ghreri, CEO of TARSHID. “From auditing and analyzing each of our facilities to deploying the latest technology that enables us to reduce energy consumption and related costs through our engagement with Enova, we are determined to put sustainable practices at the heart of TARSHID’s growth trajectory.”


Also, Enova has retrofitted the headquarters for Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing (MOMRAH) with nine key energy conservation measures, yielding a guaranteed annual energy savings of more than 40%, the equivalent of over 11.3 million miles driven by an average gasoline-powered vehicle.


“TARSHID has been a key enabler for the sustainable collaboration with Enova, as a one of the earliest players in the ESCO industry in KSA” said Enova’s CEO, Renaud Capris. “We believe that other organizations in the Kingdom will also prioritize a commitment to analyzing and reducing their energy footprint now that the savings can be guaranteed.”


Enova employs more than 1,000 staff in Saudi Arabia, and focuses on developing transferable sustainability expertise in the country’s national workforce. Operating in the Kingdom for over 15 years, Enova delivers against specified energy-saving goals for more than 50 organizations in Saudi Arabia’s public sector as well as the tourism, logistics, transport, financial services, education, and healthcare industries.