Enova's strategic partnership with Sharjah Airport Authority marks 10-year anniversary

Real-time insights on operations, facilities and energy management, and health and safety

Enova, the leading energy and facilities management specialist in the Middle East, has marked its 10th-anniversary partnership with Sharjah Airport Authority. The airport has gained steady success in acquiring real-time insights on its operations, health and safety, facilities and energy management. 

Enova was awarded the contract to deliver operations and maintenance services for Sharjah Airport's buildings and infrastructure in 2011. As one of the most progressive airports in the UAE, Sharjah Airport Authority inaugurated the East Expansion project extending over an area of 4,000 square metres, as part of the main expansion terminal, which aims to increase the airport’s capacity to 20 million passengers per year by 2025.

To keep up with the developments, Enova has leveraged the analytic capabilities of the Hubgrade 4.0 smart monitoring and reporting platform, to conduct smart asset management across key airport equipment, namely; baggage handling, x-ray machines, security equipment, wayfinding and passenger boarding bridges.

Throughout the last ten years, Enova has strategically partnered with Sharjah Airport to improve overall performance, through follow ups and auditing, as well as to achieve significant success in reducing its energy and water consumption, improving its environmental footprint, and gaining financial savings. Enova has also conducted a future-proofing report, updating asset life cycles and refurbishments, along with a business continuity plan and risk management for power infrastructure resilience and natural disaster management.

"Sharjah Airport's partnership with Enova marks a decade of paving the way towards new innovative and digitized standards in energy and facilities management in aviation,” said His Excellency Ali Salim Al Midfa, Chairman – Sharjah Airport Authority. 

“Sharjah Airport is committed to delivering unrivalled and seamless journey experiences to its passengers. Achieving this end goal requires significant collaboration between stakeholders. The Enova real-time platform has added value to our overall mission of providing safe and convenient travel experiences for all passengers. We are committed to supporting innovative and sustainable operations to contribute to our vision of a more sustainable future,” Al Midfa added.

As health and safety measures have taken on increased importance in the COVID-19 era, Sharjah Airport has continued to maintain a world-class safe and comfortable passenger experience. Initiatives have included refurbishing crucial infrastructure with Enova to minimize the risk of coronavirus spread and the deployment of solutions such as contactless technologies, biometrics, and offsite isolation teams. For these efforts, Sharjah Airport became the UAE’s first airport to receive the Airports Council International’s Airport Health Accreditation certificate for providing a safe experience for travellers in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.


 (From Left to Right): Civil Engineer Saeed Almheiri from Sharjah Airport Authority and HE Ali Salim Al Midfa, Chairman of Sharjah Airport Authority, with Renaud Capris, CEO of Enova, and Laith Al Athary, its Director of Operations.


Technological Innovations Support Robust Airfield Operations

In technological innovations, Sharjah Airport employees have benefited from new levels of communication, thanks to new mobile applications, which can deliver heightened levels of connectivity, register and keep track of work orders. On the airfield, procedures include managing ground lighting, communication, navigation, and surveillance systems to ensure aeroplanes are safely landing and taking off. This has all played a part in Sharjah Airport acquiring the required Civil Aviation Authority certifications.

“Enova, in marking our tenth anniversary with Sharjah Airport, underscores a shared vision and commitment towards a world-class passenger experience,” said Amin El Najjar, Operations Director, Enova. 

“In line with Sharjah Airport’s ambitious plans and strategic expansion, Enova shares its vision of delivering cutting-edge and innovative solutions. We are now moving towards predictive and condition-based maintenance that can further optimize costs, energy consumption, and passenger comfort and security,” added El Najjar.

For its efforts, Enova has received excellent recognitions from Sharjah Aviation Services, Sharjah Airport Authority, Rescue and Fire Fighting Services and the Department of Civil Aviation, and from other key stakeholders over the past ten years.


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